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Welcome to the future of Hemp.

We take pride in creating innovative CBD Products that are formulated for a wide range of wellness solutions.  As always, our products are made with only the best natural ingredients, and never use fillers or chemical additives to any of our CBD & Delta 8 Products.

Organic Hemp Ingredients

At VIIA, we are proud to offer high-quality CBD products. We strive to create CBD products with the best ingredients, this means sourcing organic any chance we get. We make sure that our products are formulated for the highest efficacy, rigorously lab tested and quality assured, then priced with our customers in mind.

High Quality CBD

VIIA began with one mission in mind and that was to help people live their best life through integrating premium CBD products. CBD is the main cannabinoid found in hemp and has been used to help millions of people with a wide array of health ailments.  Our hemp and CBD products are formulated with the highest quality extracts available and formulated with all natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. We offer a wide range of products CBD Roll On Topicals, CBD Drops, and CBD Pet Drops, CBD Vapes, and CBD Gummies.

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