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Dreams & Elevate
Now available in Delta 9

Ships to your door in all 50 states!

Dreams & Elevate
Now available in Delta 9

Ships to your door in all 50 states!

Limited Edition:
Delta 9 Elevate Gummies

This limited edition Delta 9 THC Gummy combines a high dose of CBG and CBD plus 5 mg of Delta 9 THC, for an elevating and euphoric experience.

Delta 9 CBG Gummies

The Preferred Hemp Brand for Performance.

We are here to revolutionize the wellness industry by providing access to innovative, transparent, and affordable hemp products that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.


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Delta 9 Products

Dispensary Grade

Sourced from hemp, our award winning high spectrum THC line will take you to a whole new level.

CBG Products

Focus & Energy

Take on your day with Focus and Clarity. CBG is the perfect cannabinoid to give your day a boost.

CBN Products

Better Sleep Cycle

Your best friend for Sleep. Our CBN promotes sleep and rest so you can catch those Z's.

CBD Products

Relief & Recovery

Give your body the relief you deserve. Our Premium CBD boosts recovery when you need it.

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All Gummies

Edibles with a purpose. Say hello to the most delicious feel good hemp gummies.

All Drops

CBD Drops made with CBG and CBN to help regulate your day and night cycle.

All Topicals

Roll. Relax. Repeat. Experience targeted and instant ache relief on the go.

What our customers are saying:

Natural Wellness For All

Products you can feel.

All VIIA products are crafted with a potent amount of active ingredients to create craft hemp products you can actually feel.

Beyond CBD

There are over 130+ cannabinoids found in hemp, each with their own benefits and unique effects. At VIIA, we utilize these minor cannabinoids to create craft products you will not find anywhere else.

Highest Possible Quality

We believe in taking quality extremely seriously. From sourcing premium, organic ingredients, to creating innovative products and third-party lab testing every batch, we strive to go above and beyond with our product line.

Giving Back

We donate a percent of everysale to environmental organizations that align with our mission of creating a better, healthier planet.

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