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Say hello to the VIIA gummy line, your feel good gummies!  Whether you need more focus, sleep, increased creativity, or flow – we have you covered.


CBG + Broad Spectrum CBD

Flow through your day energized and focused. This blend of CBG + CBD is designed to help increase performance while providing all the holistic benefits of hemp. 

Grapefruit Flavor

Cloud 9

High Spectrum

What are High Spectrum Gummies? Full Spectrum CBD Gummies you can actually feel.  With a balanced array of cannabinoids and 5 mg of THC each, you’ll be on cloud 9.

Watermelon Flavor.


Delta 8 THC

Feeling Peachy?  Bliss is the Strongest Delta 8 gummy in our line.  If you are seeking something to get you in an ultra chilled-out and creative mood, we crafted this for you. 

White Peach Flavor


Delta 8 THC + CBG

Get lifted with the Elevate Delta 8 + CBG Gummies. Crafted to provide relief while elevating mood and increasing euphoria. Create, relax, explore. 

Pineapple Berry


Delta 8 THC + CBN

Sweet Dreams. Crafted with Delta 8 for relaxation. Plus CBN, a rare cannabinoid that has powerful sleep properties.  Wind down and sleep like the legend you are. 

Blueberry Lemon Flavor

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