Day Drops – CBD + CBG Tincture Oil


Lift brain fog and take on your day with focus and balance.  Our newly improved Day Drops are now formulated with powerful CBG oil, a minor cannabinoid with mighty benefits to the brain and body.  These drops are made with CBG, Full Spectrum CBD, Terpenes, and MCT oil for a fast-acting and powerful tincture.


  • 500mg CBG
  • 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 2000mg Hemp per tincture
  • 60 Suggested Servings
  • MCT Coconut Oil Base



CBD For Energy and Focus

Our Day CBD Drops are formulated with Full Spectrum CBD and elevated levels of CBG. CBG is a minor cannabinoid with properties that enhance pleasure, mood, and motivation.

Potent CBD

We only utilize the highest quality of Full Spectrum CBD and CBG in our Day Drops. With 1500mg of Full Spectrum CBD and 500mg of CBG, these day drops will give you the boost you need.

CBD Day Drops for Focus

Vegan Friendly Ingredients

Our Day and Night Drops are entirely made with organic and vegan friendly ingredients. At VIIA, we realize that your wellness deserves the best and that’s why we only use the best ingredients.

Lab Tested CBD

All of our products go through rigorous ANSI 3rd party lab testing to ensure the best levels of quality and potency. Click here to see the most up to date lab analysis.

CBD Tincture Dosage Instructions

We recommend 25 mg Full Spectrum CBD + 8.3 MG CBG per suggested serving if you are brand new to CBD Drops. This equates to about a half dropper of CBD oil per dosage. As your body adapts to the effects of the CBD Oil, you can gradually increase your dose as you would like to reach desired effects.

For Optimal Results

For optimal results, we recommend taking CBD Drops on a regular or as needed basis. To properly dose, squeeze one half dropper under the tongue and hold in your mouth for up to 60 seconds and swallow. We also recommend infusing CBD Drops into your favorite drink or smoothie if you have trouble with the subtle taste of CBD. Consistency is key, so we recommend dosing for an extended period for optimal effects.

Organic and Vegan Friendly Ingredients

Organic Coconut Derived MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum CBD oil, CBG isolate, Organic Plant Terpenes:  Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the day drops?

You should integrate the VIIA CBG Drops right into your morning routine. 

How many cannabinoids are in a suggested dosage?

There are approximately 33 MG of cannabinoids in each dosage of our CBG Drops, there are exactly 60 doses in one bottle. 

How long will it take for me to feel the effects?

It may take up to one hour to feel the effects of the Day Drops, however everyone is different.

Is there THC in this product?

Full Spectrum CBD is a vital ingredient in the Day Drops, this means there are trace amounts of THC in these CBD Tincture Drops. 

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

VIIA Hemp Co.

29 reviews for Day Drops – CBD + CBG Tincture Oil

  1. Dakota

    Helps a lot with my anxiety. I usually take a dose in the afternoon when work gets boring and my mind starts to drift. I also had a terrible flying experience last week and without this stuff I would have gone mad

  2. Christina

    I first tried VIIA Day Blend because I was usually sluggish in the mornings and I was always looking for a remedy that would help me with that. The Day Blend totally works for me and I am hooked! I take the tincture in the morning before I have any coffee or tea. I have tried some other CBD brands, but really none that made much of a difference to me. In doing a little research to understand what makes some CBD products better than others I was introduced to VIIA, and I am so thankful for this! The Day Blend makes me feel that my mind is awake and sharper, it’s so much easier for me to focus. Personally, I also get a bit of an energy boost with this tincture so I also take it in the afternoon if I know that I have an extra-long day ahead of me.

  3. Harrison H.

    Pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes, it’s almost citrusy. I have tried a few other brands that tasted oily and nasty. I have been taking it every morning for the past couple week and have been feeling calm and focused throughout the day, I usually take a second dose after lunch and then the night drops a few hours before bed.

  4. Teresa

    I was skeptical at first but with all the research I read about CBD oil, I just had to try it. I have not been let down. In fact, I didn’t realize how well this oil was actually working until I ran out. I will never run out of this CBD again!!

  5. Roman A.

    I have been taking this regularly and I honestly feel that it keeps me sharp and clear headed. I have been going through a hard time working overtime recently and I really feel this cbd helps me keep my cool and stay focused.

  6. Elizebeth R.

    I have been taking CBD oil for over a year , recently got turned onto this brand, love the flavor of both day and night blends and it has helped tremendously with my Arthritis pain and inflammation!

  7. Lauren

    My order was filled promptly and the CBD oil was high quality at a good price…

  8. Matt R.

    Bought my first VIIA product and I am amazed with the quality from their packaging to their oil.

  9. Lara


  10. Greg J.

    Taking this exactly as recommended and have increased to always taking twice daily. Placing 1/2 of the dropper of the 1000mg in my mouth and waiting about a minute before I swallow. This is the best way to take this CBD oil or perhaps any CBD product. I am never going to switch my brand or formulation as this one is too good.

  11. Denise H.

    I started out using a 1/4 dropper of 1000 oil and have worked my way up to 1/2 dropper at bedtime. Getting ready to increase to 2 times per day as I haven’t reached my “sweet spot” yet but I have full confidence I will find it.

  12. Nicole H.

    There isn’t any better costumer service than Viia cbd. Very prompt on response to questions from costumer and fast delivery.
    Surely letting others friends know about that.

  13. Melanie M.


  14. jamie

    Love these drops!

  15. Nick W.

    great way to start the day

  16. Darel Southward

    Awsome product!!!

  17. Ron

    I changed to night drops… better for my needs.. they are great!

  18. Austin O.

    I LOVE these! Simple taste, actually there is no strong taste at all like some other brands. Quality you can actually feel and I love that the dropper comes measured so you know how much you are taking every dose.

  19. Mary Angie frias

    I want to say Thank You so much for making your product, I’ve tried a few other CBD from a different company was not happy. I first tried Night, love it ! Couple of months later pick up at Grossmont center another night and day CBD, Day is awesome also!! I will never start my day without using CBD. Turn it on To my best friend And today my brother is Ordering for our mom, once again love them!!!

  20. Mary

    I could not imagine ever again living my life without these products, not only does it make me calm it gives me the energy to start my day

  21. Charlotte N.

    My daughter started using both day and night drops after hearing about the success other people have had with relieving anxiety. She suffers from a very high level of anxiety and tried many OTC and prescribed medications with little success or unpleasant side effects. She tried a variety of different CBD products before hearing about Viia from a CBD shop owner. Viia has changed her life! Her anxiety has been dramatically reduced. She went from daily anxiety attacks to rare anxiety attacks, and even those are much less intense. Thanks Viia!!

  22. Leslie C.

    super helpful to relieve a little stressful feeling!

  23. Shaina B.

    I love VIIA CBD products!! I take it everyday for anxiety and it’s the best!

  24. Nicky L.

    Very strong and high quality for the price, love my VIIA products and this one is no exception.

  25. Austin (verified owner)

    Great way to increase your CBG levels during the day for alertness and pain.

  26. Bernie Powell (verified owner)

  27. Scott (verified owner)

  28. Kia (verified owner)

    This has to be one of my favorite cannabis products I’ve ever purchased. As someone who struggles with sleep, energy, and focus, it’s been a great addition to my regular meds by helping to provide a bit of a boost in my mood, creativity, concentration, and energy right when I get up in the morning — and in the dreaded mid afternoon slump. I also have found that I actually prefer tinctures to smoking and edibles, and if you like grapefruit— then you’ll really enjoy this one!!

  29. Karen Grow (verified owner)

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