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cbg vs cbd

CBG vs CBD: Understanding the Differences

Tatum Blakeney
CBG vs CBD. What's the difference?

These days, almost everyone has heard of CBD and knows that it’s one of the main plant compounds in cannabis. But there are actually hundreds of cannabinoid compounds. Some of these are just starting to be understood.

One of the new compounds researchers are focusing on is CBG. Though it’s much less abundant than CBD and THC, it may have the potential to relieve many health issues. So what should you know about CBG and what it can do? What’s more, how do we compare CBG vs CBD?

In this article, we’ll compare CBG vs CBD to help you figure out which one is best for your needs. Then, check out VIIA Hemp Co.’s range of CBG and CBD products to get started.

What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid compound found in the cannabis plant. Most cannabis strains don’t contain a lot of CBG. But despite that, CBG has earned the title “the mother of all cannabinoids”. That’s because many other cannabis compounds begin as CBG and as the cannabis plant matures the cannabigerolic acid processes into other cannabinoids. Like CBD, CBG also carries therapeutic benefits.

CBG is also found in much lower quantities than CBD. The average cannabis plant contains between 20 and 25 percent CBD. But the average CBG content is about 1 percent.  However, growers are now able to modify hemp plants to contain larger amounts of CBG, making CBG isolate more available.

The CBD vs CBG discrepancy is huge, and it makes the science tricky.   

Both CBG and CBD have many studies available, however, because CBG is much rarer, researchers are still learning about the CBG cannabinoid benefits. They’re also working on developing cannabis strains that are higher in CBG. 

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main cannabinoid compounds in cannabis plants. CBD has moved more and more into the public eye lately. That’s because we’re learning about the huge number of health issues it may help relieve.

The stigma is also decreasing because CBD, unlike THC, doesn’t have a psychoactive effect.

CBG Benefits vs CBD Benefits

Since both plant compounds have potential health uses, which one is better?

When we talk about the benefits of CBG vs CBD, there’s one thing we have to bear in mind. There has been a lot more research done on CBD! That’s in part because it is so much more abundant in cannabis plants, but there are other factors, too.

When we’re comparing CBG vs CBD benefits, we should bear in mind that research is ongoing. There is still much more to learn. What we do know is that both compounds are non-psychoactive and carry a wide array of benefits to people who ingest, smoke, vape, or even topically apply it. 

Each compound communicates with the endocannabinoid system differently. Some researchers think that CBG might deliver its unique responses more effectively. CBG vs CBD binds to two types of endocannabinoid cell receptors in the brain and the nervous system.

Two major benefits of CBD vs CBG come down to its versatility and availability. Research indicates that CBD may treat a wide range of conditions. 

The amount of research and preclinical studies we’ve done into CBD is due in part to its abundance! The average cannabis plant contains between 20 and 25 percent cannabidiol. No wonder it seems like it’s everywhere these days, from creams to drops, gummies, and other edibles.

What is CBG Used For?

We’re still learning the ways that CBG oils may be able to help people feel better and some people even say CBG is just as effective as their prescription medication.  So what do we know so far about the therapeutic effects?  Researchers believe CBG may bind to certain receptors in your endocannabinoid system. In doing so, they may improve the communication between the brain and nervous system.

Specifically, we think it might assist a neurotransmitter called anandamide. Anandamide is sometimes called the “bliss chemical” and plays a role in helping you feel happier and more relaxed.

Because CBG promotes anandamide function, it has many neuroprotective properties and may be helpful in regards to:

Inflammation — A 2021 study indicated that CBG derivatives may help reduce inflammation and slow cell growth. This suggests there may be a future for CBG in treating glaucoma and possibly even cancer. 

Neurological disorders — Studies as recent as 2020 have suggested that CBG may help relieve symptoms of some neurological disorders. The studies suggest it might have a place in treating Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Huntington’s disease. 

Infections — Some recent studies have shown that CBG may contain antibiotic properties. That means it could be used as a treatment for some infections, including MRSA. 

Appetite Stimulation - Some research suggests CBG may be a mild appetite stimulation. 

What is CBD Used For?

CBD also interacts and attaches to the body's cannabinoid receptors.  Many people have adapted to using CBD in their daily lives to mitigate stress, sleep better, or even deal with pain.  So what do the studies say?  CBD may be helpful with:

Pain — Some recent studies have indicated that CBD may have analgesic properties. These studies also suggested that its real effects work in tandem with the placebo effect, making it useful for chronic pain. 

Inflammation — Animal studies have indicated that CBD may have an anti inflammatory effect. Though there have only been a few human studies, researchers seem hopeful about the future of CBD in treating inflammation, particularly experimental inflammatory bowel disease. 

 Anxiety — A significant study in 2019 showed that CBD may have a calming effect for people with stress and anxiety. Its soporific effects may help with both stress and insomnia, according to another study

Neurological diseases — Studies as recent as 2021 suggest that CBD might reduce the effects of certain neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

CBD vs CBG, are there side effects?

Serious side effects from CBG vs CBD use don’t seem to be common. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Everybody metabolizes these substances differently. It’s important to talk to a doctor before you start. These substances can also interact with some medications (such as blood thinners). Your doctor can help predict if you can take them safely and if CBG vs CBD might work better for you. Its also notable that different cannabinoids have different side effects. 

Start with a smaller dose and gauge how you feel. If you like, you can start with one and then switch to the other to compare how CBD vs CBG works for you.

CBD vs CBG For Pain

So why have cannabis products gotten so popular in recent years? One of the biggest reasons lies in their potential to treat pain. It’s not surprising, considering that the human race has been using cannabis to treat pain for at least 6,000 years!

But even if your neighbor gushes about how his vape helps his chronic back pain, is it really that good? Let’s compare CBD vs CBG for pain management.

CBD vs CBG has more research behind it than most other cannabis compounds. But even that research is in the early stages. We know that CBD may have moderate effects against some types of short-term or chronic pain. In other words, it isn’t going to numb you completely. But it is likely to help you get some relief.

Again, this depends on what health issues you are facing, too. Early research shows that CBD oil might be helpful in treating nerve, muscle, and joint pain. This is especially true when used as a supplement with other medications.  CBD might be uniquely qualified to treat pain. This is because of how it binds to endocannabinoid receptors.

So how does CBG measure up when it comes to treating pain?

Well, like we mentioned earlier, researchers still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to CBG. But initial research suggests that CBG could effectively target certain types of pain. Some researchers have suggested CBG vs CBD could be stronger or better at targeting pain. Yes, even better than other compounds.

Ultimately?  We don’t know yet. 

But whether you’re team CBD vs CBG or vice versa, one thing remains clear. Neither is intended to replace stronger medicine for some health issues. It can be an excellent supplement with mainline medicine!

How Do You Take CBD vs CBG?

There are a lot of different ways to take CBD and CBG products. And honestly, there’s no right or wrong. It ultimately comes down to the method that works best for you.

In general, you will find these products as:

  • Tinctures or drops
  • Edibles like gummies
  • Vapes cartridges
  • Lotions or topical applications

Many people keep things simple and utilize CBD or CBG as part of their vitamin regimen. If you take either of these as an oil, you might put a couple of drops under your tongue every night before bed.

The flesh under your tongue absorbs chemicals directly into your bloodstream. You’ll probably feel the effects quickly! There isn’t much of a debate on CBG oil vs CBD oil — in fact you’ll sometimes find them mixed in one. 

Gummies are popular cannabinoid products. They taste good and are more subtle than  vaping.

If you already use a vape, you might want to consider using these compounds as a vape liquid. Vaping cannabis may help your body absorb it quickly and effectively. However, there’s one downside in that vaping isn’t as healthy as other methods.

You can also find cannabinoid-infused topicals. These are usually geared toward people with general pain, tension, or are post recovery. They are meant to be applied right where it hurts. You’re more likely to find CBD-infused lotions, since CBG still isn’t widely accessible.

Shop the best CBD Products

At VIIA Hemp Co., we aim to share the lesser-known side of cannabis. Our goal is to help people unlock better health through all the cannabis compounds. That means more than just THC and CBD.  But we also can’t ignore the potential health benefits of CBD!

Our full spectrum CBD products combine CBD with other cannabinoids to stimulate an entourage effect. This happens when compounds work together, potentially making their effects even stronger!

You can choose from CBD products such as Menthol Roll-On for pain relief or CBD Blood Orange Vape Extract. Our products are clearly and correctly labeled so you always know what you’re putting in your body.

If you’re looking for a CBD product to soothe stress or help you sleep, we offer CBG and CBN Night Drops to fight insomnia.

CBG Products

It might be difficult to find CBG products in most places, but  not at VIIA Hemp Co. Our line of CBG encouraged items includes gummies and tinctures. These are designed to help you feel more energized and sleep better.

Since we believe in the power of the entourage effect, it’s not a matter of CBD vs CBG oil. Instead, it is all about finding the right combination of cannabinoids to get the best possible results.

That is why you can choose from products like:

Our products are clearly labeled, so you know what to expect in terms of mental and physical effects. 

Choosing CBD vs CBG Products

When it comes to CBD vs CBG products, a lot of information is still murky.  But from what we do know, it seems like the potential is huge!

If you’re comparing CBD vs CBG for a health issue, make sure to talk to your doctor first. They can help you gain insights about if these substances are likely to be safe for your situation.

They might even be able to make a recommendation! You can also do your own research to find out what product might be best for you in terms of CBG vs CBD.  So what’s the bottom line when it comes to CBG vs CBD? 

As of right now, there is no single winner in the fight of CBG vs CBD. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and we are still at the beginning of the research journey of CBD vs CBG. 

We know that the entourage effect is real, so you don’t necessarily have to choose CBG vs CBD! These compounds can work together.  Sometimes, it also comes down to sampling different products to compare CBG vs CBD for your needs.

Of course, the outcome also depends on a reputable company that produces safe, effective cannabinoids. That’s where VIIA Hemp Co. comes in. Head over to our shop to compare our CBG vs CBD products!

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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