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The Ultimate Guide to CBG, CBG Effects, and How to Shop CBG

The Ultimate Guide to CBG, CBG Effects, and How to Shop CBG

Tatum Blakeney

At this point, most consumers have probably crossed paths with cannabis’ most popular compound, THC, in some manner. On top of that, the last few years have seen an unprecedented era of CBD research, product development, and widespread popularity. The numerous potential health and recreational benefits of CBD have been extolled to the masses, leading CBD products to enter the mainstream as a natural alternative to traditional treatments.

But one cannabinoid, CBG, remains one of the best-kept secrets in the medical cannabis industry.

In this guide, we’ll break down the ins and outs of the elusive cannabinoid, answering crucial questions like: What is CBG? What are common CBG effects and benefits of CBG use? And how can I find CBG; so I can try it for myself?

A Comprehensive Guide to CBG

The popularity of CBG products has skyrocketed in recent years. Fans of CBG edibles and tinctures report enhanced effects from their THC and CBD products, as well as other perks like decreased inflammation and soothing relaxation.

What is CBG?

CBG is a potent yet little-known cannabinoid extracted from CBGA. The discovery of CBG was delayed until the 1960s because its parent cannabinoid, CBGA, typically breaks down into cannabis plant compounds we all know and love, like THCA and CBDA.

Unlike THC and CBD, cannabis plants only have trace levels of CBG present after reaching full maturity. In the past, this prevented CBG from being heavily researched. But recently, researchers discovered an effective method for extracting the remaining CBG, leading to a boom in CBG products and popularity.

What is CBG Used For?

Fans of CBG report a clean and clear boost to energy levels and focus, alongside a subtle and soothing relaxation of the mind and body. CBG is also a fantastic addition to your favorite THC, Delta-8, and CBD products.

When combined with CBD or Delta-8, CBG has been reported to significantly enhance the benefits of the partner compound while minimizing or smoothing out less pleasant side effects. As a result, these combinations can be powerful tools for improving energy and focus while improving access to creative and stress-free flow states. 

Early studies into the chemical properties of CBG have revealed a host of potential health benefits. For example, researchers discovered characteristics that indicate anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitumor, and pain-relieving effects in non-human research trials.

The Difference Between CBD and CBG

CBD and CBG have quite a bit in common. Fans of both cannabinoids report a laundry list of benefits to their mental and physical state.

Additionally, both compounds are considered non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high or “stoned” like THC or Delta-8. Their similarity can even be observed at the chemical level, with just two Hydrogen atoms separating CBG from CBD.

But a common question remains; how to tell the difference between CBD and CBG? Despite many similarities, there are a few differences between CBD and CBG effects, benefits, and use that are worth considering.

CBD Explained

Millions of people have already adopted CBD as a part of their daily routine. CBD is far more heavily concentrated in young cannabis plants than CBG, leading to a wider variety of vapes, edibles, and tinctures on the market. 

CBD primarily affects the nervous system, where it produces and regulates endocannabinoids. Consequently, CBD typically has a stronger physical relaxation effect than CBG and produces noticeable pain-relieving qualities in most users.

CBG Explained

CBG is a cannabinoid on the rise. Unlike CBD, CBG has been linked to changes in not only the nervous system but also the digestive system and GABA receptors in the brain. 

Studies have also discovered exciting links between CBG and improved Inflammatory Bowel Disease, decreased colon cancer growth, and improved bladder dysfunction

While further research into the medicinal benefits of CBG is needed, early indicators point to CBG being a cannabinoid that is packed full of potential.

Is CBG Better than CBD?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, comparing both CBG and CBD head-to-head to name the king of cannabinoids does a disservice to both compounds.

Instead, individuals should consider the benefits of CBG and CBD when used together. You see, while CBG is extremely useful in its own right, it truly shines when combined with other cannabinoids. 

In fact, the majority of customer feedback indicates the unique chemical makeup of CBG may allow consumers to better fine-tune their CBD, Delta-8, and even THC experiences.

What Are the Typical Effects of CBG?

Like any chemical compound, the effects of CBG can vary from individual to individual. However, over time CBG fans have developed an assortment of potential positive effects associated with CBG use, including:

  • Clear focus
  • All-day energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improved motivation
  • Long-lasting concentration
  • Soothing and calming effects on the body
  • Improved performance

Does CBG Get You High?

Much like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive. This means CBG edibles and tinctures or CBG oils won’t cause any of the symptoms of a classic marijuana high, which is caused by consuming high concentrations of THC.

Instead, CBG makes a low-key connection with your endocannabinoid system at the CB1 and CB2 receptors "cannabinoid receptors", providing the classic benefits of many cannabinoids without the long-lasting or “overly-heady” buzz of full-spectrum cannabis products from the best cannabis strains.

Does CBG Help With Focus?

While further clinical research is needed to say with certainty, many users of CBG report significant enhancements to their ability to focus. Many users report feeling less prone to distraction when using CBG and found maintaining sharp concentration for extended periods far more manageable. 

This has led CBG to develop a reputation among users as a natural and valuable tool to enhance productivity in both their professional and personal lives. 

What CBG Products Help With Focus?

While there aren’t as many CBG products, like CBG oil on the market as CBD and THC, figuring out how to choose high-quality CBG can be a challenge. The best CBG products have been optimized to support long-lasting focus without unpleasant side effects like jitters or the dreaded mid-day crash. 

Products that combine CBG with CBD are especially popular. This synergistic blend offers the best of both worlds, including significant focus and performance-boosting potential. VIIA’s Flowstate CBD + CBG Gummies are packed with cannabinoids and flavor, promoting clarity and focus that might just empower you to truly seize your day. 

Convenient tinctures, like VIIA’s full-spectrum Day Drops, offer rapid cannabinoid delivery for quick results. Chock-full of over 2,000mg of cannabinoids, these tinctures offer uncompromising potency in a discrete package that’s perfect for daily use and travel, it may be a great alternative to prescription medications.


What is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of over -120+ cannabinoids identified in hemp and marijuana. Unlike its sister cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is primarily responsible for the cannabis plant’s recreational effects, CBG has no psychoactive properties.

What is CBG used for?

Although CBG is non-psychoactive, it is highly beneficial.  Research has shown the cannabinoid to have a hand in pain relief, stress control, and antibacterial effects.

What are the similarities between CBD and CBG?

The two compounds share many similar properties and they both come from cannabis plants (specifical hemp). CBD and CBG are both non-psychoactive cannabinoids (i.e. they do not get you “high”) but since the two compounds stem from different chemical precursors, their effects can vary slightly.

What CBG Products Help With Focus?

CBG products have been shown to have a wide variety of effects. One such effect is the ability to promote focus and concentration without diminishing energy levels, and CBG products will often lead to better mental clarity.  Try the Flowstate CBG Gummies or the Day Drops.

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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