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Elevate your day with a boost to your energy and focus with VIIA's CBG gummies. Our gummies are crafted with equal parts CBD and CBG and come in both THC and THC-free options, allowing anyone to experience the benefits of CBG. We also offer nationwide delivery right to your doorstep thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

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focus Elevate Focus Gummies - 5mg THCElevate Focus Gummies - 5mg THC
Pack Quantity: 1 Pack
focus Elevate Focus Gummies - 2mg THCElevate Focus Gummies - 2mg THC
Pack Quantity: 1 Pack
focus Day Drift Sativa Gummies - 100mg THCDay Drift Sativa Gummies - 100mg THC
Pack Quantity: 1 Pack
focus Flowstate CBD Focus Gummies - THC-FreeFlowstate CBD Focus Gummies - THC-Free
Pack Quantity: 1 Pack
focus Elevate Focus Gummies - 10mg THCElevate Focus Gummies - 10mg THC
Pack Qty: 1 Pack
focus Euphoria Sativa Gummies - 50mg THCEuphoria Sativa Gummies - 50mg THC
Pack Quantity: 1 Pack
Benefits You Can Feel
Beyond CBD & THC
Highest Quality
Pure Hemp Extract
No Cutting Agents
3rd-Party Lab Tested

CBG Gummies With Intent

VIIA's CBG gummies are designed to deliver targeted effects without the recreational psychoactive "high" typically associated with THC, harnessing the potential of Cannabigerol. This powerful compound can support focus, mood regulation, and cognitive function. We offer both delta 9 gummies and CBD gummies infused with CBG to cater to all levels of cannabinoid users.


Legal, Nationwide Shipping

Our CBG gummies, whether containing THC or not, are federally legal and available for delivery across all 50 states under the 2018 Farm Bill. This means you can have your CBG gummies conveniently delivered to your doorstep. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100, and use discreet packaging to ensure a smooth shipping experience. *Disclaimer: Please review your local laws before purchasing THC products online.


Potent CBG Gummies You Can Trust

While some competitors may use fillers and low-dose cannabinoids, VIIA's THC + CBG gummies offer three times the industry average potency, a testament to their purity and quality.

Effects-Forward Products

Crafted with care to enhance your everyday, our effects-forward products are tailored for whatever the day throws at you. Our Flowstate and Elevate gummies also cater to everyone, whether you’re a non-user or THC lover.

Third-Party Tested for Your Peace of Mind

At VIIA, we strictly adhere to third-party testing for all of our health products. Our CBG gummies undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. We openly share our lab results online 24/7, providing full transparency and ensuring you receive a safe, top-quality product.

  • What is CBG?

    CBG, short for cannabigerol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid naturally found in hemp. Known as the "mother cannabinoid," CBG is the precursor to all the popular hemp-derived products available today. During the plant's growth cycle, CBG naturally converts into well-known compounds like THC and CBD, making it the foundation of the diverse cannabinoids present in hemp.

  • What effects can I expect from VIIA's CBG gummies?

    Our CBG gummies are formulated to promote energy and focus, providing an uplifting and mood-enhancing experience. When taken in the morning, these gummies can offer a refreshed start to your day, potentially helping to combat typical morning grogginess.

  • Will CBG gummies get me high?

    CBG alone does not produce a high. However, we offer both THC + CBG gummies and THC-free options. The THC-containing gummies are psychoactive and will produce a high, while the THC-free gummies will not.

  • Will CBG show up on drug tests?

    CBG itself will not show up on a standard drug test. However, if the CBG product contains trace amounts of THC or is combined with THC for enhanced effects, it may trigger a positive drug test result.

  • What makes VIIA’s CBG Gummies the best?

    At VIIA, we believe in only using premium and organic ingredients from seed to sale. All of our products are crafted with care to ensure a high quality experience for our customers, and our CBG gummies are no exception.

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