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How to Shop for the Best CBD Flower

Tatum Blakeney
How to Shop for the Best CBD Flower Whether you have tried CBD topicals, oils or edibles, or haven't experienced the benefits of CBD yet, you might take some time to learn more about CBD flower for anxiety, general relaxation, or any reason you might find value smoking CBD hemp flower.  You might wonder whether people buy CBD and get anything out of it. Because 68% of users reported that they find it effective, it might help you feel better about trying CBD-based products if you haven't yet. The world has never been more stressful, especially during and after the pandemic, so it's not surprising that people are searching for effective solutions to feel better amid all the chaos. Exotic hemp flower CBD products can do what the other forms of CBD can, helping you release all your tensions, regardless of how or why you feel them so acutely.  Even if you aren't looking for the best CBD flower for anxiety only and want to enjoy it for personal pleasure, you will find a broad range of premium hemp flowers, and all the different CBD hemp flower strains that are available.  If you need more information to prepare to shop for the best CBD hemp flower, keep reading. 

What CBD Flower Isn't

Before learning more about CBD flower and how to shop for it, find out more about what CBD flower is. Or actually, let's first talk about what it isn't. Many people's minds instantly jump to "marijuana" when thinking about CBD flower. If you aren't sure what CBD is, you are far from alone since 60% of Americans admit that they don't know what CBD is. The fact is that there is a distant relationship between the two, but it's not as close as many people think.  The most important point is that CBD is a hemp derivative; therefore, it is related to marijuana but doesn't come from the same plant.  The thing to remember about CBD, hemp flower brands, like VIIA, go through rigorous testing from seed to sale to ensure the best product for you. 

The Confusion Isn't Unreasonable

Any confusion on this subject isn't unreasonable, since marijuana and hemp are both classified under the cannabis genus. Besides that, many consumers seek out smokable hemp flower because it tastes, looks like, and smokes like marijuana does, without any intoxicating effects.  In cannabis plants, there are two major naturally-occurring compounds, which are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They both have different effects on the human body. The primary difference is that THC has psychoactive effects on the body, and CBD does not. Therefore, there is no "high" associated with consuming premium hemp flower, which is why industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states under Farm Bill Rules and more widely available than THC. 

What Is CBD Flower? 

Now understanding that CBD doesn't come from marijuana, but from industrial hemp, it's easier to give it the definition it deserves. CBD is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant, which, again, causes confusion because it comes from the same plant that hemp and marijuana come from. Like all cannabis plants - when it comes to CBD, hemp flowers contain much more CBD than THC.  Once the Farm Bill Rules made it possible for people to have access to all the benefits of CBD products, proponents of this benefit-rich, naturally occurring substance, creative producers who believe in CBD got to work creating a broad range of oils, topicals, ingestibles, vapes and hemp flower CBD. The primary reason for producing and selling these products is for wellness purposes, such as easing anxiety, relieving pain, and general therapeutic reasons.

A Brief History of Using Exotic Hemp Flower to Help People 

Even a brief history of CBD flower use is worth looking at its first recorded use in China in the year 2737BC. The cannabis plant was used for therapeutic purposes and prepared as a CBD tea to help with rheumatism, malaria and gout. Over time, people then—just like people today—began to notice that it helped improve brain function and memory. Some stories added even more benefits to the list, such as Queen Victoria's claims that CBD relieved her menstrual cramps. The work of Irish physician William B. O’Shaughnessy in the late 19th century would further show the therapeutic benefits of CBD extracts, mostly focusing on them as an anesthetic.  While it was out of the limelight for some time as a therapeutic powerhouse, Harvard-trained chemist Roger Adams picked up where O'Shaughnessy left off and identified and extracted CBD from the cannabis plant in the early-mid 20th century, giving future producers a lot to work with, thanks to his identification of CBD and cannabinol (CBN). And again touching on the easy confusion between CBD and THC, Adams also discovered the most active component of the cannabis plant, THC. 

What Is Hemp Flower or CBD Flower? 

Before you start shopping for the best CBD flower for anxiety, you might want to understand the "flower" itself. Even if you've heard of CBD oil and gummies, you might not have heard of CBD flowers yet.  Since hemp flower comes from a cannabis plant, it might not come as a surprise that it features buds, or hemp buds. These flower buds come from female hemp plants. When a female cannabis plant matures and goes into its flowering stage, it naturally puts more energy into flower production. These premium hemp flowers become covered in sticky compounds called trichomes.  You might have noticed the trichome if you've even seen a hemp flower in its budding stage, since they feature tiny crystals covering the leaves and buds of the most popular strains that look like blankets of frost. Trichomes are often sticky and shiny, but their most beloved feature is their amazing aroma. And the fact that they are literally sticky causes many people to refer to them as nature's Velcro. Like components of any flower, trichomes exist to try to capture airborne pollen released by male hemp plants for pollination purposes. When it comes to CBD, hemp flowers differ from marijuana flowers. Hemp plant flowers contain a large presence of CBD and Marijuana flowers contain a large presence of THC.

Common Uses and Benefits of Hemp Flower Products

While you've probably learned about some top uses and benefits of CBD products, such as helping relieve anxiety and manage mental health disorders, there are few more that are worth a closer look. If you are trying to learn what's the best CBD flower and whether it's right for you or not, it might help to know more about common uses, including: 
  • Pain Relief. According to Healthline, "scientists have discovered that certain components of cannabis, including CBD, are potentially responsible for its pain-relieving effects" because the body contains the endocannabinoid system, comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors. This specialized system helps regulate vital functions like sleep, appetite, immune system response and pain sensation. 
  • Heart Health. You might not have heard about this use and benefit, but it's good. Since CBD can also help reduce stress and mental health issues, it makes sense that it can help reduce the stress on your heart. 
Additional, slightly lesser-known benefits of smoking the best CBD flower pre rolls include reducing diabetes-induced inflammation, lowering the production of acne-causing sebum, and helping Alzheimer's patients remember faces. 

Why Is the Premium Hemp Flower Becoming a Popular Way to Consume CBD? 

People tend to associate smoking THC with relaxation, even if it does come with some psychoactive effects. They might even think that smoking CBD flower would be a more effective form than as a sugary gummy or other ingestible. Some people think it adds a subtly fun and rebellious or notorious element to genuine self-care. People are looking for ways to gain the benefits of cannabis, without the high.  Regardless of the reason or reasons, CBD hemp flower is gaining popularity, and it offers all the same benefits as any other form. 

How to Shop for the Best CBD Hemp Flower 

Are you ready to give the best CBD flower for anxiety, pain relief or stress reduction a chance? If so, you might not know how or where to begin the shopping process for the best Delta 8, CBD, CBG flower and other favorites.  As a new shopper for premium CBD flower products, you might wonder how and where to start and what is the best CBD flower? Not all CBD flower sellers maintain transparency as a top priority, and with some brands, it is barely a factor at all. That doesn't necessarily mean they don't have good intentions or practices, but that they haven't made this vital factor a priority yet, making it important to search for third-party sources who do the research for you to ensure you have all the information you need before making this investment in your health and well being. Most importantly, you know you are buying from a reputable seller with a high-quality line of products. We want to help dutiful consumers interested in this product that offers so many benefits make the right choice, so we've done some research to help you get started with information and confidence. Let's explore the most important things to consider as you start your hemp flower shopping journey. 

Knowing the Different Hemp Flower Strains and Their Effects

There are three main things to consider when focusing on different smokable hemp strains.  Potency As long as you are working with a transparent hemp flower seller, you should see a percentage from a third-party testing lab. The testing should also alert you as to whether there are any additional cannabinoids present in the strain. These factors vary from one brand and strain to another, so read carefully, and ask plenty of questions before buying. Flavor Fortunately, you don't have to smoke some boring, bland pile of leaves and buds. Although many would argue that the original "flavor" is part of the experience, the range of options is tempting for the most passionate purists. Dictated by terpenes, compounds typically found in the essential oils of conifers and citrus trees, flavors run the gamut these days.  As a new buyer, you might want to ease into the experience by trying a milder or more pleasant flavor with the most delightful strain available that top brands have developed just for you. Here are a few flavor-packed terpenes that add character to top hemp flower strains:
  • Myrcene. This terpene flavor features hints of mango with some dark, bass undertones. 
  • Caryophyllene. This spicy terpene leaves a peppermint sensation coating your throat.
  • Pinene. While it might sound like this will taste like pine sap—if anyone knows what that tastes like—it actually and fortunately tastes minty and earthy.
  • Humulene. This unique terpene has an earthy taste with the kicker of powerful hops undertones.
  • Limonene. Limonene offers a slightly sweet scent, as opposed to citrus, which the name might suggest.
  • Terpinolene. Terpinolene might be subject to tastebud interpretation since some say it tastes fruity, and others say it tastes more herbal or floral. 
  • Linalool. Lavender fans take note that reports indicate this has a crisp, light flavor that brings to mind lavender ice cream.
Effect Depending on whether you want to relax more after work each night or you are suffering from chronic pain or crippling anxiety, your needs for a certain effect will vary. There are three primary categories of strains, which are Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.
  • With Sativa, you might experience more energizing properties and feel more positive and uplifted, so smoking some of this strain first thing in the morning will leave you feeling good all day.
  • Indica offers more calming and relaxing sensations, which frequently lead to sleepiness and a good night's sleep. With that in mind, these strains are best saved for after work or dinner or shortly before bedtime.
  • If you want something that lands in the middle ground, Hybrid strains are perfect. As the name suggests, Hybrids are grown with the right balance of Sativa and Indica, and you can smoke these at any time of day or night and function or rest as needed.

VIIA’s favorite Hemp Flower Strains

When it comes to Hemp, CBD flower strains can vary - and here are a few of our favorite cbd flower brands might offer. 
  • Sour Space Candy:  Sour Space Candy is a CBD rich hemp flower that offers a delightful citrus taste and uplifting feeling. 
  • Orange Peel: The Orange Peel Strain is a relaxing mood booster, with sweet orange tones. 
  • Sour Lifter: The Sour lifter CBD hemp flower strain creates a happy headspace.  

Why Is the CBD Flower Experience So Special?

CBD flower is not like any other CBD or hemp product. Smoking CBD flower offers a fully unique experience, combining the therapeutic aspects of CBD and the smoking simulation of THC without the ensuing high. Smokable CBD flower releases its vital properties directly into your lungs, bypassing your liver, giving them a fast-track to your brain via your body's large, fast-blowing blood vessels. 

Are You Ready to Start Shopping for the Best CBD Hemp Flower? 

Hopefully, this information, especially the list of the best CBD flower sellers, will help you get started on this exciting adventure of finding the best and most effective relief for anxiety, pain, or illness. As you can see, there are many high-quality options from innovative and conscientious sellers. 
Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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