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CBG & Exercise: How to Use CBG in Your Pre-Workout Routine

CBG & Exercise: How to Use CBG in Your Pre-Workout Routine

Tatum Blakeney
Dr. Denise Foster

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Dr. Denise Foster

The numerous potential benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) have become widespread knowledge, which has thrust CBD products into the mainstream for many different purposes. One of these purposes is to fire up workout routines. CBD and exercise, when combined, can enhance the effects of every workout. 

However, CBG and exercise are also beneficial when paired together, and some experts believe CBG to be even more valuable for workouts than traditional CBD. This approach includes using CBG for pre-workout benefits and CBG for post-workout recovery.

What Is CBG?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is a cannabinoid that develops from CBGA. CBGA is what breaks down into other cannabinoid compounds like CBDA and THCA. In fact, CBGA has been called the “mother of all cannabinoids” as this molecule can develop into numerous cannabinoid forms in the plant (Kearsey et al., 2023). Until recently, only a very small amount of CBG could be extracted from cannabis plants after they reached full maturity. However, CBDA and THCA could be extracted in much higher concentrations, which led to an influx of popular CBD products over the last few years.

However, new methods have recently been discovered to extract much more CBG from plants, leading to a boom in the popularity of combining CBG and exercise. Of course, this boom is fueled by the many CBG benefits that users experience.

Differences Between CBD and CBG

CBD and CBG are both sibling compounds. Both are similar in chemical structure and effects. However, CBG is known for its antibacterial and digestion-balancing qualities, unlike CBD. While CBD can calm the nervous system, CBG seems to have the opposite effect, providing users with increased energy. 

How Can I Use CBD and CBG Together Pre or Post-Workout?

Using CBD before or after your workouts can provide pain relief and facilitate muscle recovery, in addition to many other benefits. Additionally, popular CBG tincture benefits include increased energy levels and enhanced whole-body recovery, among others.

When used together, CBD and CBG seem to complement each other. Specifically, CBG appears to enhance the benefits of CBD while smoothing out any side effects. This balance makes the combination of CBD and CBG a powerful addition to any pre-workout routine.

One of the most popular ways to harness the benefits of both cannabinoids is by using high-quality CBD & CBG drops. These provide a convenient, quick way to access the best of CBG’s benefits along with CBD’s advantages. 

Other popular products include CBD and CBG gummies, which are delicious and provide just the right amount of these beneficial compounds with each serving. CBG oil benefits and CBG tincture benefits are also equally powerful.

5 Ways CBG Benefits Athletes

There are many CBG benefits that athletes can take advantage of when it’s used to bolster a pre-workout routine or any post-workout recovery. From its antibacterial properties to its ability to increase energy pre-workout to its aid in post-workout muscle recovery, CBG provides a long list of benefits for athletes. Read on to explore additional CBG benefits for athletes. 

1. CBG and Better Moods

CBG interacts with the brain in a way that may uplift an athlete’s overall mood, which may help them frame their workout with better intentions. It also can reduce anxiety, improving an athlete’s chances of following through with their workout regimen.

2. Better Sleep, Better Appetite, Better Digestion with CBG

Athletes are more likely to stick with their exercise routines when well-rested. The same is true when they eat well and are well-nourished. CBG can promote restful sleep and stimulate an athlete’s appetite, as well as fuel improved digestion and digestive health.

3. CBG and Pain Relief, Less Inflammation

Research suggests that while THC, CBG, and CBD are all effective pain relievers, using CBG for pre-workout regimens may help prevent pain (Kogan et al., 2021). Of course, when athletes use CBG for post-workout routines, they may lean on CBG for further pain relief, as CBG has been shown to help reduce inflammation and set users up to rest better during their recovery period.

4. CBG and Long-Term Benefits: Stronger Bones

Strong bones are vital for those who put constant pressure on their skeletal systems, and unfortunately, stress fractures are all too common for many dedicated athletes. 

CBG has been shown to promote bone growth (Khajuria et al., 2023), which not only strengthens bones but can also help athletes recover more quickly from bone injuries and fractures. This strengthening is one of the most significant long-term benefits CBG can provide.

5. CBG and Energy Levels

Many people report that the energy-boosting effects of CBG resemble those of a caffeine rush. That said, CBG products arrive without caffeine’s dreaded crash and may help provide a more clear-cut boost of energy. 

Even though CBG is not a stimulant, it does give a feeling of greater energy and better focus. Users report CBG is less sedating and more energizing, giving them more clarity without any psychotropic effects.

To get the most out of CBG’s energy-boosting benefits (including everything you can expect from standard CBG tincture benefits or CBG oil benefits) CBG gummies are the way to go for most athletes. This is because CBG gummies offer users precise dosing and make it super easy to customize your dosage to your needs.

How to Find the Right CBG Products for Pre- or Post-Workout

Whether you’re interested in CBG gummies, CBG drops, the benefits of CBG tinctures, or CBG oil benefits, you’ll want to make sure you only purchase high-quality products from a reputable store. There are certain characteristics to look for to ensure that you’ll be happy with the products you purchase. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Sub-par manufacturers can use any number of unnecessary ingredients in their products that do nothing to enhance the benefits you’re looking for. For example, many artificial additives can be used that might only be included to change a product’s color. 

Always check out the ingredients lists and watch out for artificial preservatives, additives, and chemicals. Then, focus on products for CBG or CBD and exercise that contain only the best ingredients.

Certificates of Authenticity and Third-Party Laboratory Results

CBG for exercise products should always be made by a company that provides third-party lab results on product labels. These are typically included as part of a certificate of authenticity for the product.

Providing third-party laboratory results verifies that the manufacturer has had its products tested for appropriate potency levels.

Make CBG Benefits Work for Your Workout Routines

Whether you plan on using CBG for a pre-workout boost or CBG for post-workout recovery (or both), the benefits CBG can provide to athletes are exceptional. While CBD and exercise create a match made in heaven, CBG and exercise are even more simpatico. 

When you combine CBD and CBG, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Supercharge your workouts and your recovery with these powerhouse cannabinoids.


Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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