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CBN Gummies by VIIA Hemp Co.

What is CBN?

Tatum Blakeney

You’ve heard of CBD, but have you heard of CBN? 

We’re getting more people than ever asking us “What is CBN?” CBN is another extract of hemp and cannabis plants. It is not psychoactive, and it just might have a few health benefits. 

Let’s take a close look at the difference between CBD and CBN and what this minor cannabinoid can do for you. 

The Potential Health Benefits of CNB

CBN stands for Cannabinol and is one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. What makes CBN so interesting is that it is formed when THC ages and breaks down.

CBN is one of the newer compounds to be studied and marketed within the cannabis plant. You can see CBN popping up in many of the same places that you find CBD. It's showing up as an edible, in vape pens, and in other products.

CBN is currently linked with a few potential health benefits. This compound is known for having the following:

  • Sleep-inducing properties
  • Pain relief benefits
  • Seizure management properties
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Hinders growth of cancer cells
  • Enhances hunger
  • Superior transdermal penetration compared to THC
  • Promotes bone development
  • Effective in managing glaucoma
  • Antibacterial properties

Let’s take a closer look at how CBN is made and the potential benefits of this compound. 

How is CBN Extracted?

CBN is a natural product that is created as THC ages. When molecules of THC start to age, they break down into other chemicals, one of which is CBN. 

Some of the earliest research into CBN used aged cannabis products in order to test the effects of CBN on humans. These individuals smoked older cannabis flowers in order to get the effects of CBN, but with less THC.

Things have gotten a lot more refined over time. Contemporary CBN production uses oil extraction techniques. These use a solvent, typically ethanol or CO2, in order to extract CBN from cannabis flowers. 

The CBN extract can then be added into a variety of other products. These can include vape pens, edibles, and topical products. 

How is CBN Different From CBD?

It's pretty easy to get CBD and CBN confused. CBD stands for cannabidiol while CBN stands for cannabinol. Both are one of the dozens of chemical components found in hemp and cannabis plants. However, CBD and CBN have distinctly different effects. 

CBD is the more well-documented of the two. CBD currently has more of a market presence which means it’s also gotten more scientific testing. Another difference between CBD and CBN is how they are made. 

CBD is an extract from the hemp plant while CBN is formed as THC ages and breakdown. CBN can be extracted from cannabis plants using techniques that are very similar to how CBD is extracted. 

The biggest difference between CBD and CBN comes down to how they affect the body. CBD has no psychogenic properties while CBN is considered to have mild or nearly no psychogenic properties. CBN is currently connected with benefits as a sleep aid, an appetite stimulant, and as a neuroprotective substance. CBN might also be able to help individuals with pain relief. 

You can currently buy CBD in pretty much any form you’d like. There are CBD shampoos and even smokable CBD flowers. There are fewer products with CBN, but the market is expanding into new territory. 

What is CBN Good For?

CBN has been a popular choice for people looking for a sleep aid and a pain reliever. Much like THC itself, CBN has had promising results for helping individuals get the rest they need as well as benefits for people managing certain pain conditions. 

Early research is very promising when it comes to what CBN can benefit. There have been studies that linked CBN with positive outcomes as an appetite stimulant as well as a neuroprotectant for certain disorders. This research suggests that CBN has many of the same properties as CBD and THC. 

Since CBN is produced when THC breaks down, it stands to reason that many of CBN’s properties are going to be similar to THC. The biggest difference is that CBN does not get you high. It’s simply not strong enough to elicit the same effects as THC when it goes to getting high. 

Can I Use CBN and CBD together? 

Yes, you can mix CBN and CBD together. In fact, many products already combine these two compounds together.

Combining CBN and CBD is a great way to get the benefits of both products together. There's also some research that suggests that combining CBN, CBD, and THC helps improve the effects of all of these compounds.

It's also worth pointing out that there's currently no research that suggests that combining CBN and CBD has a negative consequence. These two compounds appear to only enhance the effects of the other without interrupting we're canceling each other out.

So, you're safe to use CBN and CBD together—you might even see a benefit from combining the two. 

What Should I Look for When hopping for CBN products?

There's a few things you should look for when shopping for CBN.

The most important thing to look for is a reputable retailer. You want to find someone who knows the products that they're selling and is able to offer you detailed information about the CBN products you are purchasing. I should be able to tell you how the CBN was extracted, what the CBN content is, and if there are any other compounds in the product you're purchasing.

When asking “What is CBN?” the question of legality always pops up. CBN is legal on a federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, many states and localities are issuing their own legislation when it comes to CBN and other hemp and cannabis products. Your retailer should be able to keep you up-to-date on the letter of the law in your area.

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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