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What is Legal Delta-9 THC?

Tatum Blakeney


Fans of standard THC, CBD, and minor cannabinoid products have become increasingly curious about Delta-9 THC. Those who have heard of Delta-8 may wonder how Delta-9 THC compares to Delta-8, and why the “legal” modifier dangles above Delta-9 products. 

Well for starters, Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effects, and is thus often linked to what many fans experience as marijuana’s “high.” 

Consequently, many hemp and cannabis fans have flocked to Delta-9 THC products because they can offer more potent effects than those found in Delta-8 products, as well as a psychoactive component not found in readily available CBD products

That said, legal Delta-9 THC products are only deemed federally compliant (and thus nationally available) if they meet the requirements outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

There, all hemp products containing no more than .3% THC were deemed federally compliant, and thus legal. So, if your Delta-9 THC products contain less than .3% THC, they’re considered legal. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis products and research have skyrocketed on the market. Now every day researchers are discovering various new cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. With the federal legalization of Delta 9 THC, this cannabinoid has become far more accessible throughout the United States. With the rise of Delta 9 THC becoming increasingly accepted, medically and socially, you can find Delta 9 THC products in stores and even online. Some medical professionals have even recommended THC for patients and their health conditions.  

Still wondering about the differences between Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 THC, Delta-9 THC’s potential benefits, or just what to expect from Delta-9 THC altogether? Read on to find all the answers to your questions below.  

What is Delta-9 THC?

Also known as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis. Before a raw cannabis plant dries, it is full of THCa, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. However, over time this is then converted into Delta-9 THC as the marijuana plant dries. This process of converting THCa into Delta-9 THC is called decarboxylation and will occur either slowly over time or as the hemp plant is exposed to heat. 

Today, Delta-9 THC products are becoming increasingly popular compared to Delta-8 THC products for many reasons. For one, Delta-9 THC is a major cannabinoid found in cannabis, and its extraction process is easy and cheap. Conversely, Delta-8 THC is a minor cannabinoid, and its products require one of many complex extraction processes. 

However, above all else, Delta-9 THC products are perhaps becoming more popular simply because they are much more potent than Delta-8 products and offer a rapid onset of action –– especially through the use of edibles like gummies. Delta 9 THC will produce an increased psychoactive effect than Delta 8 THC will. Regular cannabis users may find that they prefer Delta 9 THC for it’s intoxicating effects and benefits. 

Is There THC in Delta-9 Products?

There are many Delta-9 products available with varying THC levels, but for legal Delta-9 products, all qualifying products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. As mentioned earlier, this is the overarching federal rule and may vary state-by-state. 

As a result, Delta-9 THC levels will fall much lower than those found in standard cannabis products and may be a great option for those exploring low dose THC products, or even microdosing with THC.

There are a variety of products on the market that contain Delta 9 THC but also additional cannabinoids for an optimal cannabis experience. An example of this would be our Delta 9 Gummies line. Our delta 9 gummies stand apart from other Delta 9 Gummies because these gummies are crafted with a high amount of Full Spectrum CBD and varying amounts of Delta 9 THC. What makes these gummies so unique is that they embrace a popular theory in the cannabis community called the entourage effect theory. This theory states that while isolated cannabinoids work well on their own, they work even better when combined. VIIA High Spectrum Gummies truly facilitate the entourage effect because they are crafted with Full Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum CBD means that all of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant will be present and working together in this product. 

Are Legal Delta-9 THC Products Derived From Hemp? 

In order to be considered legal, all legal Delta-9 Products must be made with Hemp, not Marijuana. This is because while hemp and marijuana plants are in fact the same species, “hemp” is technically defined as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3% THC or less. Consequently, any CBD or THC product made from industrial hemp will naturally abide by federal guidelines, and remain legal and widely available for sale.  

How are Delta-9 Products Made? 

In most cases, the production of Delta-9 products begins with extracting Delta-9 THC acid from cannabis flower. This is aided by an organic solvent which is later separated with another water-based solvent. Delta-9 THC acid is then converted to a carboxylic salt, after which it is extracted by another organic solvent to convert it to Delta-9 THC carboxylic acid. Next, the carboxylic acid is decarboxylated and extracted again. Shortly after, the solution is then purified, and the resulting product is Delta-9 THC. 

The main difference between legal Delta-9 THC products and standard cannabis is the amount of THC present. To remain federally compliant, Delta-9 THC products will of course contain less THC than standard cannabis. However, thanks to the careful extraction process, retailers can easily tweak a product’s dosage to ensure its effects are as potent –– or comfortable –– as possible. So for those looking for a more holistic approach to relaxation, legal Delta-9 THC gummies, CBD + CBG gummies, and other edibles may offer the most pleasant experience. 

What is the Difference Between Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC?

Like Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC is also derived from both marijuana and industrial hemp. Additionally, it is also a psychoactive substance and one of the many cannabinoids naturally present in cannabis plants. However, it is not found in significant amounts within standard flower, so the extraction process is more difficult –– and expensive –– than that used to isolate Delta-9 THC. 

Today, Delta-8 products have become increasingly popular, with everything from vape carts to gummies now available. This is because, like standalone THC, Delta-8 THC can offer users a psychoactive buzz. But unlike THC, Delta-8 is also federally legal at the federal level, though some states are still against the substance. 

There are other key differences between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC, as both substances will act differently within the body. Legal restrictions on the level of THC in hemp products only apply to Delta-9 THC, which is why Delta-9 THC Levels will also fall in carefully at or below 0.3% THC. That said, there are no federal limitations on the amount of THC in Delta-8 THC products (as long as these products are derived from industrial hemp plants), but some states have created their own restrictions. 

Another major difference is that Delta 8 is not as potent as Delta 9, even though both bind to the same receptors in the body. Delta-8 binds to these receptors for a shorter period than Delta-9, which is why its effects are milder. However, this doesn’t mean that Delta-8 THC is any safer than Delta-9 THC, and all THC products should be used with care and caution. Nevertheless, when used responsibly, these products can be a great solution for those looking for holistic mood elevation or energy

Does Delta-9 Get You High?

Delta-9 THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis flower and hemp, meaning it will create the euphoric “high” that many cannabis fans seek to explore psychoactive properties. However, it will only take a few hours for the psychoactive effects to wear off, especially when taken in low doses but it also can lead to drug abuse. 

What are the Potential Benefits of Delta-9 THC?

People may experience different mental or physical benefits from legal Delta-9 THC products, but a few standard benefits have become expected from these products. This is because Delta-9 THC helps enhance endocannabinoid signaling and may generally improve the overall functioning of the endocannabinoid system.  The endocannabinoid system is an intricate system found in the human body that is responsible for regulating balance. This system explains why our bodies are so responsive to cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC. When we consume Delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors. Our CB1 receptors are located in the neural portion of our brain while CB2 receptors are located in the immune system. These receptors react to cannabinoids by changing their physical response, depending on which cannabinoid is ingested. 

If you’re looking for a better alternative in cannabis, we’d recommend CBG gummies.

So now that we know how Delta 9 THC benefits us, let’s dive into what the specific benefits to our mind and body are when we consume Delta 9 THC. 

The Potential Benefits of Delta-9 THC for Your Body

While many people prefer to choose prescription medications for certain physical ailments, others wish to take a more natural approach to their wellness journey. Enter Delta 9 THC. Delta-9 THC may help you sleep better and ease stress. It may also stimulate your appetite and potentially reduce nausea. Another potential benefit of Delta-9 THC is its ability to relieve pain throughout the body. This is why people often turn to Delta-9 THC edibles and gummies as their go-to cannabis sativa plants alternative. 

The Potential Benefits of Delta-9 THC for Your Mind

For those who prefer a more intoxicating high, Delta 9 THC is perfect. Our bodies are equipped with a brain filled with emotions and feelings. It can be difficult to find the best product that could help aid our mental health. As we have said, some individuals prefer to take a more holistic approach to their mental or physical ailments. Research on the cannabis plant has found that cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC can be a great natural alternative to prescription medications. Delta-9 THC may also offer holistic benefits for the mind in terms of focus, relaxation, and elevated mood. In most cases, the main benefit attributed to Delta-9’s effects on the mind is its ability to enhance users’ overall mood and aid in relaxation. 

Is Delta-9 THC Legal?

Now, Delta-9 is legal because of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill states that hemp products may remain legal as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. However, many of the Delta-9 products available in today’s stores are sold as edibles or tinctures and will thus be evaluated on a dosage level. 

These products don’t go against any federal restrictions and are legal in states that don’t have further restrictions on Delta-9 THC products. Laws on a state level may vary but can be grouped into four distinct groups (controlled substances): states that do not define total federally legal THC, states that use <0.3% as a cutoff for Delta-9 THC, states where any THC level is illegal, and states that define total THC and use THCa plus Delta-9 THC to determine overall THC level. 

Depending on the local marijuana laws in your state, you can choose from a wide variety of products for whatever mood you’re in. Nowadays, Delta 9 THC has become far more accepted throughout the country than it once was. With cannabis laws and attitudes changing, so had the industry. Delta 9 THC can be found in stores and even online. Delta 9 THC is becoming more of a natural aid and has become a popular alternative to prescription medications and treatments. Many medical professionals have even started to become more open to suggesting THC to their patients.

At VIIA, you can purchase Delta 9 THC products and have them shipped right to your door. Now you don’t even have to leave your house to reap the many benefits of the cannabis plant. Shop VIIA’s collection today to discover a range of high-quality products that fit into your lifestyle.


What is Delta-9 THC?

Delta-9 THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, meaning it will create the euphoric “high” that many cannabis lovers aspire to experience. Delta 9 THC is a major cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and Delta 9 products are much more potent than its partner compound Delta 8 THC.

What are the Potential Benefits of Delta-9 THC?

People may experience different benefits from legal Delta-9 THC products. This is because Delta-9 THC may generally improve the overall functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Some potential benefits of Delta 9 THC include stress relief, pain relief, and may help you sleep better.

How are Delta-9 Products Made?

Delta-9 THC products are made through a variety of extraction methods, but all result in a final product that is rich in the psychoactive Delta-9 THC compound. The most common extraction method for cannabis is CO2 extraction, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired compounds.

Is Delta-9 THC Legal?

Laws on a state level may vary but can be put into four groups: states that do not define total legal THC, states that use <0.3% as a cutoff for Delta-9 THC, states where any THC level is illegal and states that define total THC and use THCa plus Delta-9 THC to determine overall THC level.

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum Blakeney

Tatum is the Digital Marketing Manager at VIIA Hemp Co. His passion for helping people finding the benefit in Cannabis flows through in the expert industry coverage and trending topics he provides. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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