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New VIIA Gummies

Say Hello To VIIA 2.0

Alan Cruz

Welcome to VIIA 2.0! Things might look a little different around here - that’s because they are. After five years in the hemp game, we decided it was time for a big change. Our goal has always been to make the benefits of hemp accessible to everyone, everywhere, which is why we’ve rebranded, relaunched our website, and reformulated our products. 

Allow us to explain…

VIIA Reimagined

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring VIIA 2.0 to life. The first thing you’ll notice is an overhaul of our branding. While our old visuals will always be near and dear to us, we wanted to shake things up to align more closely with our core values - clean ingredients, everyday wellness, and intentional cannabis consumption. Everything from our logo to our packaging has been reimagined and refined. While we might look different, we’re still the same VIIA you know and love (just slightly more elevated). 

A New Era Of Shopping For Hemp Products Online

We’re the first to admit that the cannabis industry can be confusing, especially for newcomers who aren’t familiar with the world of cannabinoids. When we launched our new website, we had one goal in mind: to remove the guesswork out of cannabis, offering a simpler, more curated experience for our growing customer base. 

Our improved site makes it easier than ever to buy hemp products online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Aside from the sleek new design, our website is jam-packed with features and navigational tools that will help you explore our hemp products and everything you need to know about them. 

Here are a few new ways to shop for your next cannabis products: 

Bolder Gummies With Fresh New Flavors

We take our hemp gummies seriously here at VIIA, and over the last year, we’ve been fine-tuning our formulas to bring you the best edibles in the game. Our goal is to make something for everyone, so we’ve created four effect-based gummy lines (sleep, focus, relief, love) at four strengths (zero, low, medium, and high-strength THC). 

Our new gummy lineup is bolder than ever before, with more active ingredients and fresh new flavors. Here’s what’s changed: 

  • Sleep gummies now include L-Theanine and Passion Flower to promote relaxation
  • Focus gummies now include B12 and Alpha-GPC to support clarity and cognitive function
  • Relief gummies now include 5-HTP and L-Theanine to support well-being 
  • THC-free products now include functional mushrooms such as lion's mane and reishi

Gummies are now available in exciting new citrus and berry flavors like strawberry watermelon and pineapple peach - all sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and citrus pectin. Plus, our THC-free gummies no longer have a sugar coating, meaning they have a reduced sugar content (health fanatics will love this!).

Time To Spread The Love - Take 15% Off

So, there you have it! We’re stoked to be entering this new era, and we can’t wait to bring you along on our journey. Whether you’re new to VIIA or you’ve been with us from the beginning, we have a little something for you. As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering 15% off your next order using the discount code Herb15. The discount applies to all of our products, from our
THC gummies to our THCA flower

In the meantime, be sure to browse our new site! And for all our gummy connoisseurs out there, we think you’re going to love our new additions.

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