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CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

Tatum Blakeney

Since the 2018 farm bill passed federally legalizing hemp and its constituents, Hemp products are popping up everywhere.  Hemp products can be found in boutiques, grocery stores, and gas stations.  Hemp products can be found online and even on Amazon.  But there are two types of hemp oil that consumers should be aware of.  CBD oil vs hemp seed oil a subject that has led many consumers to feel scammed. If you are a first-time CBD buyer, make sure you know what CBD oil vs hemp seed oil is. 

 Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

There are several main differences when talking about CBD oil vs hemp seed oil; from the ways they are made, to how they affect those who use these different oils.  These major differences between CBD oil vs hemp seed oil are important to understand in order to make the best purchasing decision. 

Hemp Seed Oil:  Hemp seed oil is made by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, similar to how olive oil is produced. This oil can be found in your local grocery store or bought online in places like Amazon. 

There are great benefits of hemp seed oil.   Hemp is known as a ‘complete protein’ meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that humans must get from foods.   More specifically hemp contains the optimal amount of omega-3 and omega-6. Which are vital to heart health

While hemp seed oil is a wonderful supplement for us, this oil does not contain desirable cannabinoids such as CBD.  Let’s compare CBD oil vs hemp seed oil. 

CBD Oil:  CBD oil is also a form of hemp oil, but it's extracted from the full plant including the flowers, stems, and leaves.  CBD oil goes through an intense extraction process and contains high concentrations of CBD as well as other cannabinoids.  

If you are looking to gain full mind and body relief, this is the oil you will want to buy. There are many studies and years of customer testimonials that have linked CBD oil to health benefits such as reduced pain and inflammation, anxiety relief, and better sleep. 

CBD oil can be found in CBD stores, Online, in dispensaries, and in your local grocery store. However you decide to purchase CBD products, it is incredibly important you do some research prior in order to make sure you are buying a quality product. 

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD is a chemical compound found in hemp and is one of the hundreds of compounds found in cannabis alone.  CBD is found in high concentrations in the Hemp plant and has been linked to having many therapeutic benefits to the body and mind. 

Cannabinoids like CBD work within our body through our Endocannabinoid System.  The Endocannabinoid system is a vital physiological system that keeps our body balanced through homeostasis.  When we supplement our bodies with CBD, the cannabinoids attach to the ECS receptors and begin to get to work.  

CBD oil vs hemp seed oil:  How can I make sure I am purchasing the right thing?

Unfortunately, many people who have been looking to purchase CBD oil have been caught in scammy product descriptions and ended up with hemp seed oil instead.  If you are unsure, make sure to look for some telltale signs of CBD oil vs Hemp seed oil. 

Extremely high mg size: If the milligram amount of a product seems excessively high such as 30,000 mg this is a hemp seed oil.  Most CBD products will range from 500 MG to 2500 MG. 

Listed on Amazon:  The beginnings of the debate of CBD oil vs hemp seed oil sprung from Amazon scam listings of hemp seed oil that was marked as CBD oil.  If you find CBD oil listed on amazon, it’s highly likely this is hemp seed oil.  Make sure you do further investigations. 

Look for Extract Terms:   If a hemp product is using terms like ‘extract’ then it is a CBD oil product.  You may see terms like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.

Use good judgment:  If the label says hemp oil, and does not have any other indicators of what this product is actually made with, we highly suggest not purchasing this product.  

Find lab analysis:   The best way to find out how much CBD is in a product is by looking at the lab results.  Full lab panels will tell you which cannabinoids and how many cannabinoids are present.  If a product does not have a lab analysis, avoid purchasing it. 

Read the reviews:  Reviews can be a great way to find out if a product is CBD oil vs hemp seed oil.  The review will also give you an idea of how well the product will work, and if it is the right product you need. 

What are the different types of CBD oil?

There are three types of CBD oil that you may see on the market. These are Full Spectrum CBD oil, Broad spectrum CBD oil, and Isolate CBD oil.  These three types of extracts have different qualities and effects that are quite notable.

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form - it actually looks like a white powdery substance and is not an oil at all.  Here, CBD is singularly extracted from the rest of the plant.

Full Spectrum CBD oil is a full-plant extract that contains all plant compounds including cannabinoids like CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. The full spectrum of cannabinoids works together synergistically to magnify the benefits of CBD. 

Broad Spectrum CBD is another form of full-plant extract, however, it has gone through an extra process where the THC has been reduced significantly or removed. 

Does VIIA use CBD oil vs Hemp Seed oil?

VIIA offers premium hemp products, made with the highest quality CBD oils and extracts. While we know that hemp seed oil offers great benefits to the users, our products are only created with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts.


  • CBD oil vs hemp seed oil is a subject that has led many consumers to feel scammed
  • Hemp Seed Oil is made by pressing the seeds
  • CBD oil is made through a rigorous extraction process of the whole plant
  • There are ways to see the product is CBD oil vs hemp seed oil
  • Both CBD oil and Hemp seed oil are beneficial but have different benefits

Tatum Blakeney

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