King Louis THCA Pre-Rolls 2.5g – Indica

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King Louis is known for its calming and relaxing properties and is a go-to strain to unwind after a long day. With a pungent pine aroma and heavy-hitting effects, it is the premiere choice when looking to de-stress and quiet your mind.

  • 2 x King Louis THCA Pre Rolls per Container
  • 1.25 grams of THCA Flower per Pre Roll 
  • Organic Indoor Flower, No Shake or Trim. 
  • Organic Hemp Rolling Paper and Raw Filter.


THCA Legality

Our THCA Pre-Rolls are 2018 Farm Bill Compliant, but not yet legal in every state.

These products are not available for purchase to Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

Premium THC Experience

As the THCA flower in the pre-roll is burned, the THCA transforms into THC via a process called decarboxylation for an unparalleled elevating effect.

American Grown And Rolled

VIIA Hemp THCA Pre Rolls are proudly made from American grown raw hemp that's rich in THCA and rolled in house to ensure proper roll quality.

Extended Burn Time

These THCA Pre-Rolls are made with King Louis hemp flower that's grown high in THCA percentage. This means that our cannabinoids are much more evenly dispersed, resulting in a much longer burn time and higher quality experience.

Premium Raw Filter TIP

We craft our King Louis Pre Rolls using premium RAW filter tips for a clean and easy smokable experience.

hemp flower used in pre-rolls

King Louis THCA Pre-Rolls

Introducing our King Louis THCA Pre-Rolls. When burned, our THCA rich flower undergoes decarboxylation, converting the THCA into THC for a potent yet enjoyable cannabis experience. Now available in most US States without a Med Card, our King Louis THCA Pre-Rolls are a premium smokable hemp product that’s legal and widely accessible.

King Louis THCA Pre Roll Joints indica

How To Use THCA Pre-Rolls

  1. Remove the King Louis Pre-Rolls from the protective jar.
  2. Ignite the twisted end of the pre-roll and inhale gently from the filtered tip.
  3. Enjoy the full THC effect as the THCA flower undergoes decarboxylation.
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