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Crafted with Delta 8 for relaxation. Plus CBN, a rare minor cannabinoid that has powerful sleep properties. Wind down and sleep like the legend you are. 

Blueberry Lemon Flavor 

15 mg Delta 8 + 15 mg CBN each

15 Gummies

Expiring soon


Dream like a legend.

A good night’s rest is key to being on top of your game and staying productive. These night time treats are a natural way to catch some zz’s and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

For sleep & relaxation

CBG is a minor cannabinoid with properties that enhances pleasure, mood, and motivation.

Quality Ingredients

You deserve quality gummy supplements, that’s why we use only the best extracts, vegan ingredients, and low sugar.

Lab Certified

All of our products go throughh rigorous lab testing.   Click here to see the most up to date lab analysis



Trust us, you’ll love this product for sure. We’ll even ship this in the same package for free.