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Aches and pains come naturally, especially after a long day or a big adventure. However, when they diminish the quality of your life, then it becomes a problem.

For us, those aches and pains came but rarely left. Our active lifestyles and passions for extreme sports drove us to find a solution and that’s when we came across CBD topicals.

Unfortunately, most of the products we purchased were packed with unnecessary, chemical ingredients and did not have the lasting relief we needed.

Fed up, we started making topical products of our own! In our small kitchen, we spent months experimenting with varying CBD extracts, essential oils, and whole herbs.

Admittingly, our first muscle rub was not perfect, none the less we noticed our bodies felt amazing!

And this is why:

How topical CBD works

All mammals and humans are equipped with an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a complex communication system that’s purpose is to bring our bodies into homeostasis. Receptors are embedded into our bodies which are designed to create Endo-cannabinoids and accept Phyto-cannabinoids.  

Our CBD is infused into sunflower oil allowing the cannabinoids to bind to the natural lipids of the oil. When applied topically these cannabinoid-carrying lipids are transported across skin cell membranes, at which point the CBD interacts with the nearest cannabinoid receptors and begins healing.   

For this reason, topical products that contain CBD are a good choice for things like inflammation, joint pain, soreness, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. You can target a localized area to initiate relief directly at the source. 

Viia Roll On Topicals – CBD Pain Relief

At VIIA, we have come a long way since our first batch of homemade salves. We’ve worked with naturopathic healers, conducted endless R&D and refinement, and created hundreds of test products. In our journey, we’ve learned and fine-tuned our art of making a practical and effective product.  

VIIA topicals are created with formulas that go beyond just CBD by integrating the power of plant medicine. At Viia, we combined thousands of years of medicinal herb knowledge with modern accessibility to CBD. 

We begin with a long process of slowly infusing arnica, calendula, comfrey, and St. John’s wort in sunflower oil for over two months. Using our infusions, we then designed formulas for those requiring normal relief and extreme relief. 

We chose roll-on applications because they keep the oils off of your hands while allowing you to apply anywhere at any time. Plus you can get a great self-massage! 

The best uses for our topicals

Our Cool Roller penetrates deep to reach that innermost muscle pain. We find this best for those who have intense back pain or extensive muscle strain. The herbal additions of menthol and camphor provide the user with an instant cooling sensation, allowing for seamless relief as the CBD is taken in by the body.

Our Calm Roller is mild and soothing. We recommend this for body pain and tension stemming from anxiety and stress. This is because the aromas of lavender and lemongrass ease and relax the mind of the user. In combination with our CBD, this product provides much-needed tranquility. 

Other uses for topical pain relief can include:

  • Sore feet
  • Arthritic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Headache relief
  • Skin conditions (Lavender lemongrass in particular)
  • Bruising
  • Injury recovery
  • Post-workout relief

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